EMPLOYER! FIND INTERNATIONAL TALENTS FOR YOUR COMPANY! We hope you are interested to hire international talents from Lapland's higher education institutions. Use these pages to find information about international recruitment and start your path towards more international business.

Explore INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT GUIDE (FIN, EN)! This guide covers the different stages of the recruitment process from planning the recruitment to the point when the new employee starts work.

Nainen ja mies polkupyörän kanssa talvisessa luonnossa.

Hiring talent

International expertise and talents are a key part in improving global competitiveness. A company’s strong growth often takes place through internationalisation. Finland needs more and more skilled people on the labour market, and skilled people already living in Finland need more opportunities to enter the labor market.
Internationality increases the diversity of the company and the work community. Many workplaces are already considering how to recruit diverse skills from either Finland or abroad, how to identify and support international competence, and how to engage international employees and their families in Finland and the local community.

There are many ways to start your journey towards internationalisation. Below we list a few tips that Lapland’s higher education institutions can offer employers.

3 steps to make your business more international!
Get started

The University of Lapland and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences offer companies and organizations many ways to promote internationalisation and multiculturalism.

An entrepreneur or business representative can offer opportunities to international students already during their studies.

Read below about

1. internship

2. thesis assignment

3. and mentoring!

1. Internship: What can an international intern do during an internship?

Taking on an international intern may be the first step you need to create a more international business or community. The purpose of the internship is to improve the international student’s ability to transfer into Finnish working life and at the same time to give the student experience of the practices and culture of the work community. Lapland in international and international student can give you new perspectives on developing or expanding your business or offer you the opportunity to look at things differently.

List your internship here:


Aarresaari, Valojobs Service

Jobiili (social and health care sector)

2. Thesis assignment: Student as a business developer

You can develop your business operations with the help of a student by offering topics for the thesis. Do you have a development task or project?  The theses can be Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses and dissertations in universities.
Development targets or projects may relate, for example, to the following:

  • sales and marketing
  • supervisory duties
  • management
  • developing the skills of the staff
  • service processes & business models
  • product development work, e.g. technical work instructions
Aarresaari Valojobs Service, University of Lapland

You can also contact straight to the educational institutions and inform the thesis assignment.
3. Do you want to mentor a student?

From an apprentice to a master! Mentoring is an age-old tradition in which a mentor transfers their experience and knowledge to a student in working life or to an employee already in working life. Mentoring is a process that both parties commit to, and in successful mentoring, you will both learn from each other.

Mentoring Workbook


If you would like to be a mentor, please contact:

Suvi Lehojärvi, suvi.lehojarvi (at) lapinamk.fi

Recruitment support
People posing wit a bike


Various services and forms of support for companies are also available to support international recruitment:

Work in Finland International recruitment advice service for employers 029 501 6770 (Mon–Fri, 9.00–15.00) to talk to our specialists, or email us at tyonantajaneuvonta (at) workinfinland.fi.

International Recruitment Guide


Osaamo Rovaniemi, for companies

Internation House Lapland (under construction)

Funding possibilities
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With the Talent Explorer funding provided by Business Finland, you can hire an international expert to bring new knowledge and know-how from the target market and promote your company’s business in the new market.


Talent Explorer and other Business Finland funding possibilities

Talent Explorer article

International House of Lapland
Jätkänkynttilä bridge

VISIT IHL website

On the International House of Lapland website you can find extensive information about opportunities for international jobseekers and companies from all over the Lapland region.

The International House of Lapland website is under construction and will be published soon.

The International House of Lapland website is under construction and will be published soon.

Extra material for recruitment
Mural art work in Rovaniemi


Different material produced by projects.

Extra material:

Kansainväliset osaajat Lapissa -guide

International Recruitment Guide

Saigon Noodle Bar staff

Business studies inspired to become an entrepreneur in Lapland

"There were no Vietnamese restaurant here in Rovaniemi, so we thought that this is our chance. The restaurant reflects the personalities of us, the owners, and our Vietnamese culture. It is so much more than just healthy food, it is an experience, says Judy."

Read more about Judy's experiences

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